Myanmar, also known as Burma, is located in Southeast Asia.Since the 1970’s the Burman government has been waging war against its own citizens, seeking to extinguish the ethnic minorities in the Karen, Arakan and Chin states by any means necessary. Hundreds of thousands of people have been killed, tortured, kidnapped, sexually violated, or enslaved.

One year after the devastation of Cyclone Nargis the situation in Myanmar is worse than ever. Unable to rebuild, the citizens suffer increased attacks from the government army in addition to attacks from the friend turned foe “Democratic Karen Buddhist Army”. They are being forced into refugee camps on the Myanmar/Thailand border where they are being bombed, poisoned, shot and raped.

Who we are:

We are a group of Burmese volunteers from Singapore, United Kingdom and Myanmar (Burma), who feel impelled to help our countrymen in this time of dire need. We take time off from our studies and fly into Myanmar (Burma) to work alongside the local volunteers from Myanmar Red Cross Services, Hiking and Mountaineering Association etc..

What we are doing:

We are distributing clean water, rice, beans, and canned food items to the cyclone victims in the most needy areas. The areas are selected after seeking and analyzing the information from the UN agencies and international NGOs. Estimate cost for transportation and daily distribution of food, water etc. is 10 million Kyats (approx. US$ 10,000).

How we are doing:

We are working closely with local Red Cross Association and able to distribute the provisions directly to the affected households and individuals. Our procurement team purchase and stock the provisions locally in Yangon and transport them by small trucks for distribution. We had some financial support from friends and acquaintances which made it possible for us to start the enormous task of relief work inside Myanmar (Burma).

How you can support:

You can help by donating money in cash, check or by credit card payments. Most commodities can be purchased locally although prices are sky high. Cash assistance will enable us to purchase available goods locally for timely distribution. Transportation cost is very high. Your financial support will also be very helpful with transportation expenses of supplies to the affected areas within Myanmar (Burma). It would be of great help too if any organization or individuals who could let us use their vehicles particularly vans or trucks.


  • We have ground crew working in the affected areas.
  • We do not duplicate the work of UN and other big NGOs due to good coordination at field level
  • We can distribute provisions to the cyclone victims directly
  • We are Burmese nationals and do not have travel restrictions inside Myanmar (Burma)
  • There is no overhead cost. 100% of your donation goes to the relief work.
  • Our team is extremely mobile and easy to maneuver.
  • Simple and straight forward logistics by local purchase of goods